Apple Inc. Hiding iPhone 7 Sales Figures

Apple acknowledged earlier this year that, for the first time: iPhone sales went into decline. Most analysts are expecting iPhone sales to be down for the entire rest of the year. Do you know why? Apple has the largest base of existing users it has ever had. Those whose phones are at least two years old form the largest percentage of those users in years. Also, 58 upgrade a year after that. And 22-percent the year after that. Long went back through the history of all iPhone sales and calculated that on average 17-percent of users upgrade since the next year’s model comes out.

Apple acknowledged earlier this year that, for the first time, iPhone sales went into decline. Citing suppliers in China, a few media outlets reported Apple has asked its suppliers to prepare for iPhone 7 units in the 72-78M range for 2016, that is reportedly the highest in two years. Now this implies around 5763M in the December quarter, if we assume 15M are slated for the September quarter. Historically, Apple’s orders to its suppliers was good guides to the general direction of Apple’s expectation for iPhone sales. Most analysts are expecting iPhone sales to be down for the entire rest of the year. Lots of info can be found easily by going online.

Apple CEO Tim Cook ensured that the markets and the media knew that Cupertino would not be releasing the first-weekend sales figures for the smartphones, before the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went on sale to the public.

Rightly pointing out that this should be more a measure of its efficiency in moving stock rather than the demand for the handset, the opportunity to post a triumphant press release was declined. What is Apple making an attempt to achieve by hiding the figures? Localytics iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Launch Weekend Date. The team at Localytics is looking at the data-gathered over the first weekend of the new handsets to see what amount owners started using apps on their new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus smartphones.

While the iPhone 7 Plus picked up 21-percent in the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 picked up 11 in the iPhone percent market. So this year, plenty of people decided to order online to avoid long lines which means these users will have to wait a couple weeks to get their hands on their new phone. Looking at the figures from Localytics, it doesn’t feel like Apple has very much to hide in the first-weekend sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


Anyways, Apple’s iOS user base has increased, yes the percentages are down. Now look, the knives will be out if sales dropped, and they will likely still be sharp if the sales figures remained stable. What really should not be finely balanced if the numbers had been published would’ve been the media coverage. By skipping the sales announcement, Apple draws the heat out of the first weekend sales.

I know that the iPhone 7 devices family have not tanked but in a world where each year is expected to be bigger and better in the tech world, staying stable would have cast Apple in a negative for any longer-term benefit.

This means a large number have yet to be delivered.

Once they are delivered thence the adoption rate can be higher. It’s a well this mean users had to pick up Bluetooth headphones or an adapter. Consequently, the iPhone 7 has a better camera and faster processors. Firm was lambasted for removing the headphone jack. Institutions may have different rates on other sites. Nevertheless, even if Apple has delved into other tech areas. Shareholders are concerned that consumers aren’t as hyped over the mobile handset as they once were, with stagnant sales numbers across the planet.


Apple’s lack of transparency has many people wondering.

Analysts are collaborating with third-party data firms to estimate the new smartphone’s performance. News, Technology Apple Inc. Undoubtedly it’s being reported that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are doing very well. That is interesting. You can be certain that Apple will attempt to pull out the stops, with the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface phones also set to be released next year.

Besides, the overall volumes are lagging because of lower shipments of the iPhone. Meanwhile, Localytics estimates that the iPhone 7 maintains 11 the iPhone percent market. KGI Securities notes that the iPhone 7 Plus sales are beating expectations. IPhone 7 Plus has a projected 21 percent. As a result, some may argue for the better, and some may argue for the worst. And therefore the iPhone changed the world. You should take it into account. Accordingly the 2017 iPhone might be a big deal for Apple and the tech world. Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that next year’s iPhone will have major upgrades.

It was rumored that the smartphone will have virtual reality and augmented reality features.

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