How to Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

As you all know that windows is a much popular operating system used by 90% of people in the world, in around 10 year Microsoft Windows got many awards for their designs, software, etc. Now after launching of Windows 8.1 by microsoft they have come up with a new Windows, Windows 10 for which you can upgrade your old Windows for free, upgrade to Windows 10 would help you in many ways first, Windows 10 is much faster than windows 7/8/8.1, also upgrade to Windows 10 for free will help you to understand the more upcoming launch of products by Microsoft.

System Requirements To Upgrade To Windows 10

The system requirements of Windows 10 are totally same of that of Windows 7/8/8.1. So what are you waiting for just Upgrade To Windows 10 Now For Free.

  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM (Minimum).
  • 1 GHz or Faster Processor.
  • Disk Space Free Upto 16 GB.
  • Graphics Card, Microsoft DirectX 9 Driver With WDDM Driver.
  • A Active Microsoft Account.
  • An Active Internet Connection.

Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

Note : This is just a preview version of Windows, you would be automatically upgrade to Windows 10 when it will be released in the market.

  • First of all you will need to download the preview version of the Windows 10 from here and then proceed to the next step for the upgrade process.
  • Now when you will on the download page it would show you the product key for the Windows and the download links once when you select the download language ( See the image below ).


  • Now when you will click on the download it will first check whether your PC is compatible with the latest version of the Windows or not, if it would be qualifying the download will continue if won’t it will be aborted.

Manually Upgrade To Windows 10

Manual upgrade to Windows 10 is the easiest process ever all you need to have is a Windows 10 ISO file which would be used to burn in the CD or you can also burn that into your pendrive and start the upgrade to Windows 10.

  • First of all you will need to download the ISO file from the link provided above or you can also click here to get on the download page of Windows 10.
  • Now when download will finish you will need to burn the ISO file in the CD or in your pendrive with the help of Windows USB/DVD Tool.

Note : We would not be responsible in any kind of loss of files, so you should take backup for your files first and then proceed for the upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Now you will need to restart your PC with USB / DVD with windows 10 ISO file and click ESC rapidly.
  • Once the boot menu comes up select your pendrive or CD.
  • Now, the upgrade to¬†Windows 10 would take you to a landing page where it would ask you to format the local disk or continue with the files, formatting the disk is recommended for a good experience.
  • Now, after formatting disk it would start installing the Windows, it would hardly take 10 minutes ( depends on the processing speed of your PC )
  • Yippee! Finally you did it, you have now installed Windows 10 Preview on your PC and now as soon as Windows 10 will be released in the market, you would be automatically upgraded to Windows 10. Only one thing you need to do now is start exploring and experiencing the new Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Final Verdict
Above were the steps involved in the upgrade to Windows 10 for free which you can install on any PC matching the requirements, comments and sharing are appreciated, you can comment below if you have any queries or questions regarding the upgrade to Windows 10.

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