Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary and its Update

The Edge Hub keeps track of all the things you collect on the web. You can even optimize to have your browser history cleared every time you close Edge. Anyway, like Google Chrome, for the most part there are a couple of options available of how to customize your Edge browser experience, not much different from other browsers.

While reading list, browsing history, or view your current or past downloads, you can view your favorites.

Ask Cortana is a helpful feature that you might find yourself using often in Microsoft Edge. Many of us are aware that there are other general Edge Settings available, including theme, tab, and homepage options. Cortana is your personal assistant in almost any area of Windows 10, including Microsoft Edge. Everything is better with Cortana and Microsoft Edge is no different. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Microsoft continues to improve upon Edge to make it the fastest web browsers available. While offering a seamless notification experience with the Windows 10 Action Center, and pinned tabs are here for users that need to have browser tabs stay open, new APIs and web notifications are available.

These Edge Extensions were only available to Windows Insiders, before the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Near the end of his tenure, Steve Ballmer said one of his biggest regrets was Windows Vista during his 14 years as CEO of Microsoft.

That was the big takeaway from Build 2016, Microsoft’s annual developer conference this week.

There was a developer conference this week. That was the big takeaway from Build 2016. Microsoft Windows 10 is changing. You see, Windows 10 Anniversary Update’ is the somewhat convoluted name Microsoft has now bestowed upon ‘Redstone’, the biggest Windows 10 upgrade to date.

Intelligence is the key theme here with Ink able to recognize user writing to predict required services, calendar entries, reminders and more. It will land this summer on all Windows 10 systems, including phones, tablets and even the Xbox One. It could be free and mandatory. Also, we have the headline features & Major Touch Improvements. Touch support is one of Windows 10’s big selling points and this will improve markedly with the arrival of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.


Xbox was Microsoft first entry into the competitive console market and its first big jump into hardware. Basically the system came to become amidst the major console players, it was far from certain whether Microsoft was might be able to compete with the likes of Sony’s domination with the PlayStation 2. Actually, five years after Apple came out with the iPod, Microsoft tried its hand in a portable media player with Zune.

A long way to go

Currently, there are thirteen Edge Extensions available. The more notable Settings options in Edge is the ability to clear your browser history upon exit as an automatic action. Cortana is helpful in Edge is if you need some help in the first place. Accordingly, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings new features to the Windows 10 Action Center, improvements to pen and touch, among others. Besides, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings more UI improvements and bug fixes than new features and capabilities to Microsoft Edge. There is some more info about this stuff on this website. With the ability to copy links and words to the clipboard and the ability to Paste and search, most of us are aware that there are similar features to other browsers, including Google Chrome. You can just use your fingers or your mouse if you don’t have a touchscreen Windows 10 rig, I’d say in case you don’t have a Surface Pen.

For lots of us know that there are still areas that Microsoft Edge needs to improve to better compete with other browsers. Edge needs more features, more capabilities, and above all else, more extensions. It is the is a solitary browser that makes it fairly easy for you to write, take notes, highlight, or annotate websites directly through the browser. Therefore, no need to wait for another browser page to load while Bing search results directly from the browser address bar. Searching for movie, showtimes, sports events, and concerts will show results directly in the browser address bar.

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