How To Stop Windows ‘Recommended’ Update

Getting back to the topic. It appears that, consequently far, the Windows Updates to avoid if you run Windows 7 and you’re not interested in installing Windows 10. Boltman says “most Windows 7 users don’t know how to turn on their computers”. Not the most reliable source. Right after having sought out a particular distro, Linux installations are done deliberately. Essentially, the more Microsoft tries to get me to install Windows 10 through underhanded and sneaky tactics, the more suspicious that makes me of their product.

If your Windows 7 or 8.1 rig is set to install recommended updates automatically, thence Microsoft will cheerfully download the new OS and start the installation process for you.  You do not want that to happen? Making sure it never does. No more help from a Microsoft product, even if I have to go back to the dark ages. Quite a few of them are suffering as well.

The way they did it – the more you keep Windows 7, Microsoft could make Windows 10.x an important upgrade and later eventually mandatory upgrade. Windows 10.x and moving ahead of eliminating need of Microsoft for PC’s with another OS. However, my computer was only barely a year old when they came into my desktop and screwed up my system. Oh, I can pay for it but I am done.

Apple made affordable 27 inch Mac computers and catered Macs to everyday segment as long as possible.

Finding ways to resist Windows 10.x

This is a start of their misbehaving plan. You can switch to Remix OS, it’s 100% true and bright competitor to Windows. If you are not in a process of upgrading to Windows 10.x already. Microsoft had enough of customers time to be abusive. Getting Remix Microsoft will stop Microsoft from forcing Windows 7 users to move to Windows 10. A well-known fact that is: Apple start building competition for their products. I will move my laptops to Apple Mac Book pro with Retina display 15” very soon. As a result, in Windows 10 you can either follow very similar steps listed below, or you can go through the personal computer Settings app.

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