Dead Rising 3 is Still a Top-Match for Many Gamers

The game is set in the zombie-infested city of Los Perdidos, in which you have to find a way to escape before the military strike wipes the entire city clean. The action is enhanced by the amount of weapons and the level of customization. Unlike any other survival game, Dead Rising 3 offers you heart pounding experience as you continuously fight to survive in the panorama of massive landscapes present in the world of zombie apocalypse.

The Dead Rising 3 is available for Xbox as well as PC, so now you are able to enjoy this game which features vast landscapes on PC as well. For PC, there are many graphical options as well as many resolution options for your monitors.


The graphics of the game are really good, and the game looks even more interesting because of different visual effects that are used. You can also customize the look of the game. You can also play the game at low resolution and it is the best option for those who are seeking high performance. One thing worth mentioning is that the frame rate works pretty well but when you are doing some fast action, like when you are running or jumping or doing any other activity, the motion becomes slow. The game for this t-shirt can be purchased from Sunfrog.



The sounds in the game are as interesting as the overall story of the game and different sounds do not crowd each other. The music you enjoy while sitting in any vehicle is just lovely. It makes you play the game more and more.


The game provides you possible action that you can play it for hours. The quantity of zombies that you will find in the game is really great and you would never find that much zombies in any game ever. When you start crushing the zombies with your vehicle or start killing them with your weapons, you will realize that you have killed thousands only in few minutes. The novelty is really worth mentioning. When you kill the zombies, you won’t find that you are killing the same zombie again and again. This game can be purchased from G2A, you may use cashback code to save.


Killing Zombies

Killing zombies is really a fun, and you can kill zombies in many ways. For instance, you can cut a zombie into a half, or you can chop its head off with an axe, or better yet you can crush hundreds of zombies under your vehicle. The best part of the Dead Rising 3 is that whenever you die, you don’t lose your progress. All you have to do is to wait for 45 seconds until the game is reloaded. It is because of such vast variety of weapons and so many zombies that you will get more than 30 hours of gameplay.


Many of the collectibles of the game are blueprints using which you can modify your existing weapons or you can buy new ones. You get laser beams and you get battery explosives and much more. The upgrading system of characters gives you so many benefits that you will instantly feel.

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