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As already discussed in previous posts we declared that WordPress is far better than blogger. Today with this Blogger SEO Guide I hope that you all would learn some new techniques and ways to rank your blogger and out rank your competitors from same keyword. In this guide we would cover mostly On page SEO.

This Blogger SEO Guide will carry some basic things like ALT Tags, Caption and Title. While inserting images in your blog post, people mostly do not focus on these things. They think that they does not need much attention. But, you’re actually wrong because you should do properly optimize your blogs and that’s what for what you’re here to learn about.

Blogspot SEO Guide

Attractive And SEO Friendly Title.

  • I have seen many people doing one mistake while selecting a title for their blog posts, so i thought to let them know what mistake they are doing, the biggest mistake which people do is they don’t always select blog post title under 72 Chars which is recommended by google and followed by all other search engines too.
  • Try to select an attractive SEO Friendly title to improve your Blogspot SEO. People mostly clicks on the post link after reading your Blog Post Title. It’s not necessary but if you’re ranking at top for some good search volume keywords then you will get higher clicks. It might happen that the person ranking below you have a SEO Friendly and an Attractive Title and getting the clicks which you should get.


Image SEO : Blogspot SEO

Image SEO is nowadays considered by Google and other search engines. What actually they are doing is while reading your Blog Post HTML they try to read ALT Tags, Title Tags and Caption(if Provided) and size of the image which do matters. Sometime people use very small images and sometime bigger images which is not at all good in terms of search engines. To make your Blogspot SEO friendly, you should always select “Medium” image size or custom size (500 X 650). Which, is better because it covers less space and decrease the page load time as well.

Custom Permalink 
Permalinks are also a good factor for rankings. Blogger’s automatic permalink is always not correct so we should once confirm it and make changes in it. We should only insert the main focused keywords in the url to help search engines understand our keyword with the link. Always better to use only keywords in the link like. Our topic is The Secret Blogspot SEO Guide, but our permalink will be something like

Blogspot SEO Guide

Maintain A Perfect Ration Of Keyword Density
Keyword density is a very good factor for SEO optimization of blogger. Keyword density helps you to rank on top if the keywords are inserted properly in the article. If you can maintain a good keyword density on a focused keyword, then you might will need very less backlinks and will be somewhere in the first page of search engine. But, to be in top you will have to follow this SEO Guide.

Nofollow External Links And Dofollow Internal Links
Links always help in SEO of the blog post. Providing No-follow links to another blog / website from your blog is counted as a good factor in search engines. And, as like external links, we should also insert some internal links between the post to get some quality links from your own blog which would only help you to increase traffic by building authority and ranking on the search engines.

Adding Proper Labels And Related Posts
Labels are always added in the keyword density of the post. Using your keywords in the labels would help you to increase keyword density. But, it would also effect the Related post section in blogger which works under same Labels. If you make a new blog post on same label, then it would show all the post on that label. Rather than other local labels which you just added now to increase you keyword density. So it always recommended not to use much labels in a blogspot blog post.

Final Verdict
So these were some of the SEO tips which you should follow to improve rankings of your blog. Soon we would be coming up with best selection of Robots.txt and Robots Custom Header Tags to improve Blogspot SEO friendliness. Do share our Blogspot SEO Guide if you loved reading it. Commenting and sharing on The Secret Blospot SEO Guide are appreciated.

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